UNESCO World Heritage Schokland

Schokland: a symbol of the Netherlands.
The former island Schokland is a symbol of the traditional Dutch struggle against the water. Traces of this battle can be found everywhere on and around the island. This area has alternated between being sea and dry land, peninsula and island, peat and polder. As a result from the increasing sea-level Schokland transformed from an attractive settlement area in the Middle Ages to a place under continuous threat by floods in the 19th century. By that time the Schoklanders had retreated to the three most elevated parts, Emmeloord, Molenbuurt, and Middelbuurt. A major flood in 1825 brought massive destruction, and in 1859 the government decided to end permanent settlement on Schokland. The former municipality of Schokland was joined to Kampen on the mainland. The former island still stands out as an elongated gently sloping back against the flat surrounding landscape of the Northeast polder. Nowadays Schokland is an unique natural en cultural monument combined.
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UNESCO Schokland