Frisian Woods Tour, cheese farm De Gelder

The Dutch are cheese-heads. Archeological digs have proven that cheese was already being made on Dutch soil thousands of years ago. A military report by Juius Caesar even mentions how surprised he was about the cheese production of these Low Countries. Being the cheese-heads we are, cheese was initally only made for personal consumption. it wasn't until the Middle Ages that Holland started exporting cheese and gained an international reputation as "cheese land".

History of Cheese
The Dutch association with cheese dates back to pre-Christian times. Archaeologists have found remains of cheese-making equipment dating back to 200 B.C. By the Middle Ages, making and trading cheese had assumed a central position in Dutch life. Cheese markets flourished and towns that were granted weighing rights were able to build Weigh Houses and enjoyed special status. De Waag in Gouda is one of the most beautiful weigh houses in Holland. From that time on, Holland further developed as a world leader in the dairy industry.


Cheese Farm