Frisian Woods Tour, Wooden Shoes Scherjon

People from all over the world still think that the Dutch wear clogs or wooden shoes every day. If you’re one of those people, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Contrary to popular belief, most Dutch people don’t wear clogs anymore. The only group of people that still wear them are rural workers.

Dutch Clogs
Clogs keep your feet dry, are very safe and wearing them is even considered to be healthy. The European Union acknowledged this and gave the clog a CE mark. Currently, there are 25 traditional clog makers who like to demonstrate the profession of clog making.

Besides a group of rural workers there’s only one other group of people that enjoys buying and wearing clogs; tourists like you. Today most clogs are sold to tourists from all over the world that want to bring home a typically Dutch souvenir.

Souvenir from Holland
You know what to do if you want a picture of someone wearing clogs. You need to travel to the countryside in search for farmers and rural workers. Or buy them yourself at one of the tourist shops and have your picture taken.


Wooden Shoes