Warkums Erfskip

Museum Warkums Erfskip
The museum ''Warkums Erfskip’’ shows you the history of the city Workum and its surrounding.
The antiquary association ''Warkums Erfskip’’ founded on the 27th of december 1951 is managing the museum.
The museum which is situated in the Waag presents during the entire year historical exhibitions.
At the attic of the museum there is an exhibition about the life of Huijte Fookles, a skipper from the 18th century. In the hall downstairs there are paintings of the 18th century that have been produced in Hoorn. The pottery collection of the museum and an exhibitions about the ceramists can be seen in the 'Pottenbakkershûs’. The Pottenbakkershûs is situated right across the museum.  

The Waag
The Waag of Workum was build in 1650. It replaced a construction that was crumbling. The Waag is located at the marktplein 'De Merk’ besides the Sint-Gertrudiskerk. The Waag has a long shed on one side.

The building has a hipped roof with a dormer on each side with a stepped gable. At the corners of the roof there are four lions with a coat of arms above with underneath a satyr. On the facades there are also weapons, including the municipal coat of arms with the date 1650.

The building lost its function, and just like the Waag of Dokkum, had many different functions over time including being a police station. In 2007 the building was restored and has been used as an information office and covers the museum named above.

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